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How clean is the water you’re drinking?

Arizona’s drinking water contains toxins, high hardness, and dissolved solids present in the water that normal water filtration does not take care of.

Water filtration can be costly especially living in the desert, that is why a multi-stage reverse osmosis system is the smartest way to provide yourself with purified fresh water at a low price. SweetWater Systems offer three different types of reverse osmosis purification process’ for drinking water systems to appeal to everyone’s needs.

Home & Office Water Solutions

 When less water is consumed, like at a small office or home environment, Under-sink Reverse-Osmosis units are great options. These systems are convenient , especially in small spaces, because it is mounted under the sink and provides water directly through a dedicated drinking water faucet.

Commercial Water Solutions

From car washes to dentists, SweetWater Systems can design, install, and maintain your process water treatment systems. With an average of over 15 years of experience, our professional and friendly technicians install our water treatment systems quickly, inexpensively, and without leaks.

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