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An endless Supply of Clean, Refreshing Drinking Water.

We plug directly in to your existing water source, so you’ll never run out of water. Our bottleless systems are great for offices of all sizes and shapes, and we take care of all the maintenance and upkeep. All you have to do is ditch the bottle. Bottle-less Water Coolers for your office or home provide you with the option of hot or cold drinking water, with the quality of bottled water without the bottle. The system has a built-in filtration system that is like having your own personal water filtration plant in your home or work.
Business applications are where our coolers are most popular, because one of our coolers can provide water up to 20 employees at a time. Our exclusive relationship with the top water cooler producer in the United States gives us the ability to offer commercial-grade coolers that feature: activated oxygen injection and the only system available that automatically sterilizes the tank daily. Due to the fact our coolers are made of stainless steel tanks, their metal durable construction provides years of trouble-free use. With our Bottleless Coolers customers can regularly save up to 20% compared to bottled water.

Ditch the bottles. Revel in the simplicity.

Small changes can have big effects, and the inconvenience of bottled water delivery is one that we aim to tackle. Our bottle free coolers are green, simple and effective. Your company will never run out of drinking water before the next fill up, and you never have to worry about over or under ordering your water service.

  • No more unsanitary water coolers
  • No chance of injury from lifting heavy jugs
  • No more clutter from having water jugs laying around
  • Reduce the impact of plastic bottles in landfills, and save on fossil fuel transportation costs.

Save up to 70% by switching your office to bottleless.

With 90% of the average cost of conventional bottled water going into shipping, marketing, and profit for the water companies, there is a big margin to save by installing a SweetWater bottleless water system at your office or commercial space.

We provide a fixed monthly rental and maintenance plan to make sure that your company always has an endless supply of awesome quality drinking water. The average savings are between 30 and 70% for our clients. Switch to bottleless and see the difference in cost & convenience immediately. We offer a risk free trial for all of our new clients, as we are sure you will love our service!

How clean is the water you’re drinking?

Arizona’s drinking water contains toxins, high hardness, and dissolved solids present in the water that normal water filtration does not take care of.

Water filtration can be costly especially living in the desert, that is why a multi-stage reverse osmosis system is the smartest way to provide yourself with purified fresh water at a low price. SweetWater Systems offer three different types of reverse osmosis purification process’ for drinking water systems to appeal to everyone’s needs.

Save up to 70% by switching to bottleless.

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